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Who couldn’t use an extra 5 minutes in their busy day? Well we pack out 10 minutes of free time into every Nosh snack. "5 minutes of ME time" you ask? What’s a busy parent to do? Well we just happen to have a long list of ideas in our 5 minute Nosh O’clock guide. Pick your favorites or send us your own ideal 5 minute retreat. We would “luv" to hear all about it!

5-Minute Spa Day (aka Keeping Your Baby Entertained While You Take A Shower)


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We all know how precious time can be when you have little ones. Between feeding, getting them to sleep, and changing their diapers, your time is wrapped up doing so much for your baby. There’s very limited time for us to get to sit down to enjoy a hot meal, catch up on Netflix, paint your toes, or yes, even take a shower. For many parents, five minutes can seem like five hours if you use it wisely. And five minutes to take a shower by yourself, in peace and quiet can feel like a day at the spa.

If you’re in need of a five-minute spa day in your bathroom, here’s how to keep your little one entertained while doing it:

1. Sing songs: While you may not think you have the voice of an angel, your baby thinks you’re a finalist from The Voice. Singing in the shower just got an entirely new meaning, and that’s to keep your baby happy while you get clean. So sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Start, Mary Had A Little Lamb, or even Adele’s Hello, as loudly as your heart desires, because your little one will love the personal concert.

2. Grab the portable crib: You want to make sure your baby is safe and secure while you’re in the shower, so grab the portable crib and some toys and let your baby go wild in their own (contained) space and entertain himself while you get a few minutes of relaxation.

3. Create a “Shower Box”: Toys are so much fun for your baby, especially ones that they in their reach all the time. Put together a box of toys and books that your baby can only play with while you are in the shower. Every couple of weeks you can swap out the toys and books for new ones. This way your little one is excited to play with a new set of toys while you get some time to yourself.

4. Grab a bouncer or exersaucer: Take baby gear that your little one can sit stationary in and bring it into the bathroom with you. Many of these pieces of gear have toys attached so your little one can keep themselves entertained while you shower. So yes, perhaps you do have time to do that deep condition to your frazzled mommy hair.


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